Friday, July 26, 2013

WTH Craigslist Sellers!

Does anyone else get as frustrated with people who post items for sale on Craigslist as I do?! I mean next to some of the crap people post to Facebook my most annoying internet experience is dealing with people on Craigslist.  In my mind if I am going to take the time to take pictures, write an ad and post something on Craigslist for sale then I obviously: 
  • A) want it gone 
  • B) want the $  
  • C) both A & B
So then "Why in the Hell" do they not respond? I found the exact bicycle I was looking for and responded to the ad (via Craigslist email as they posted no other contact method).  I was afraid that it had been sold already as they had listed it two weeks earlier.  Two hours later they responded that they did indeed still have the bicycle.
Then....drumroll please.... 


I emailed two more times that same day.  Asking to set up a time to meet I even sent them my phone number.....nothing/zilch/nada ....No response!  The next day I emailed them again....same response.  Or I should say lack of response! The ad is still on Craigslist..... guess it's time for me to let it go and move on....but damn, it was EXACTLY what I wanted and the price was right.

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