Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creating a Webpage

Even though I've never had one I've always loved English Bulldogs! I think they are one of cutest dogs! This past week I was able to help a friend set up a website for their families Bulldogs.  I'd never created a webpage before but when I asked I said "sure, it can't be that different from blogging!"  As the saying goes "famous last words"! LOL!

I will admit having previous blogging experience was helpful, but it was/is different. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of work would be involved developing one from scratch!!!! At least we didn't have to have any html knowledge! I was able to learn lots about Bulldogs and had a great time looking through their family collection of pictures! Their dogs are definitely part of their family! They show them and stud out the males!

My advice to anyone venturing into web site/page creation.....have a couple of bottles of wine on hand before you begin!

Check out our efforts! Berenbrock Bullies

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