Monday, July 29, 2013

Creative Giftwrapping

I like to be creative when giving gifts.  This often extends to the wrapping as well.  But at Christmas time (yes...I admit it I made these back in December), time is short and I have to be careful to be "equal".

Equal meaning I don't want one gift to look more extravagant than another....for some reason kids think things should be equal/fair! And "hell no!" do I want to be the aunt who shows favoritism or even appears to show it! So after wracking my tired/worn out/holiday stressed brain...I came up with the idea of personalized embroidered pillowcases as wrapping! "Genius!", if I have to say it myself...guess I did! Of course having just made the wedding gift pillowcases I would have to say that pillowcases were on my mind! This idea even allowed for me to use up some of that HUGE ribbon stash I have sitting in the back room!

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