Thursday, August 1, 2013

Appliqued Baby Blanket

One of my co-workers had a new baby girl recently. I purchased this Shabby Rose Alphabet quite some time ago, this seemed like the perfect time to put it to use! I just added the bows for a little more texture.  I love the variety of appliques available at Planet Applique  I've purchased dozens over the past years and have never been disappointed! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pinterest and Craigslist TV Project

I found the perfect size TV cabinet unit on Craigslist for $50.  The seller said it had previously been a light pine color and she stained it dark walnut.  I was so happy that it was no longer light pine AND that it would fit in the recessed area of the wall that I quickly snagged it up! Hubby and sons help to load it up and haul it home.  It came with some glass doors, but I eliminated those right away...they had a tint to them that I didn't care for.

After living with it for a while I knew I had to do something to brighten it up.  The natural light in the room is fairly non existent and this massive dark piece of furniture needed something...

That was when I recalled a pin I had seen on Pinterest.  The pin involved using fabric to cover foam board, then placing the foam board in the back of the shelves of a bookcase. So I rooted around in my studio and came up with several leftover (from who knows what) pieces of foam board and a large quantity of burlap.  I had to piece some of the sections of foam board together as they were remnants and most were not large enough for the shelves.  I just used masking tape to hold them together.  I then hot glued the burlap to the foam board and since I cut the pieces pretty darn close to size I just forced wedged placed the covered foam boards in the backs and they hold themselves in place.  Not too many people notice the fabric as it surprisingly matches my wall paint color, but I know it's there AND I notice the difference.  I call this a Pinterest success!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creating a Webpage

Even though I've never had one I've always loved English Bulldogs! I think they are one of cutest dogs! This past week I was able to help a friend set up a website for their families Bulldogs.  I'd never created a webpage before but when I asked I said "sure, it can't be that different from blogging!"  As the saying goes "famous last words"! LOL!

I will admit having previous blogging experience was helpful, but it was/is different. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of work would be involved developing one from scratch!!!! At least we didn't have to have any html knowledge! I was able to learn lots about Bulldogs and had a great time looking through their family collection of pictures! Their dogs are definitely part of their family! They show them and stud out the males!

My advice to anyone venturing into web site/page creation.....have a couple of bottles of wine on hand before you begin!

Check out our efforts! Berenbrock Bullies

Monday, July 29, 2013

Creative Giftwrapping

I like to be creative when giving gifts.  This often extends to the wrapping as well.  But at Christmas time (yes...I admit it I made these back in December), time is short and I have to be careful to be "equal".

Equal meaning I don't want one gift to look more extravagant than another....for some reason kids think things should be equal/fair! And "hell no!" do I want to be the aunt who shows favoritism or even appears to show it! So after wracking my tired/worn out/holiday stressed brain...I came up with the idea of personalized embroidered pillowcases as wrapping! "Genius!", if I have to say it myself...guess I did! Of course having just made the wedding gift pillowcases I would have to say that pillowcases were on my mind! This idea even allowed for me to use up some of that HUGE ribbon stash I have sitting in the back room!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I told you so!

"I told you they'd be incredible!!!" I gloat

"Wow! You're right honey, they did turn out good" 
(I may have added in the you're right honey part) ;)

And the best part: They're completely solar, they work and cost under $30 for both!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Different Kind of Wow Factor

"Honey! Look what I bought!" I proudly shout to hubby

"Wow! Bought?!?!?!stammers my incredulous husband

"Aren't they incredible! They're exactly what I was looking for!"

"Incredible, alright.  Incredibly ugly!" he snickers
"You have no vision! Just you wait!" I proudly gush

To be continued...

Friday, July 26, 2013

WTH Craigslist Sellers!

Does anyone else get as frustrated with people who post items for sale on Craigslist as I do?! I mean next to some of the crap people post to Facebook my most annoying internet experience is dealing with people on Craigslist.  In my mind if I am going to take the time to take pictures, write an ad and post something on Craigslist for sale then I obviously: 
  • A) want it gone 
  • B) want the $  
  • C) both A & B
So then "Why in the Hell" do they not respond? I found the exact bicycle I was looking for and responded to the ad (via Craigslist email as they posted no other contact method).  I was afraid that it had been sold already as they had listed it two weeks earlier.  Two hours later they responded that they did indeed still have the bicycle.
Then....drumroll please.... 


I emailed two more times that same day.  Asking to set up a time to meet I even sent them my phone number.....nothing/zilch/nada ....No response!  The next day I emailed them again....same response.  Or I should say lack of response! The ad is still on Craigslist..... guess it's time for me to let it go and move on....but damn, it was EXACTLY what I wanted and the price was right.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs!

Ok, so if you're still with me, you know that I have ignored/neglected this blog for over 365 days.  You also know that I am creating this blog as a documentary of my life...NOT! But I am hoping to document most of the projects I have made along the way...unfortunately I didn't always remember to take pics before giving things away. But I am going to be more mindful in the future...I am going to be more mindful .... I am going to be mindful.  Whew! Trying to come up with a motivating mantra for myself and I realized just how damn wordy I can be!

Anyhow, one of my oldest (not eldest) friends chose 12-12-12 (how freaking cool is that!) to be her wedding day, and I wanted to personalize something for the two of them....ya know, something that would make them think fondly of me as they crawled in to bed at night....NOT!   LOL!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where has the time gone (again)?


A good friend came over to visit this week and reminded me about my blog.  Another good friend called me and asked me to help with their families' website, which all got me to thinking about my own blog.  I TRULY had not realized that it had been OVER an entire year since I had posted any new entries! Shame! I also did not realize that I had not visited my own blog at least since November! How do I know it's been that long? Well, I purchased this computer in November 2012 and I did not even have the link in my history! Shame! 

This got me to thinking about blogging....why did I begin my blog in the first place back in June of 2009???? Hmmm.....why.....oh yah! I know why!!! FOR ME! That's right, I started a blog for myself! (gasp!) I love to craft/be creative and wanted a place to catalog/log/track/boast/document the things I had created!  I've never been concerned with having a following, after all this is for my posterity! I wanted a virtual place to showcase what exactly it is I am doing when I hole up in the mysterious Studio!

What do I do when I am in the Studio? HIDE! LOL! Not exactly...well, maybe a little bit! ;) Sometimes I do come out here (yep, I'm in the Studio now) for a quiet place to do paperwork for work, sometimes it's to clean up what appears to have been an explosion (after the creative process has taken place), but most of the time it's to create something.  

I'm not a purist.  There is not just one craft/hobby/diversion that I partake in exclusively. I love a challenge and I love to mix things up.  I've scrapbooked, beaded, sewed, embroidered, Mod Podged, metalsmithed, gardened, etc..... You name it I probably have given it a whirl.  I like to think I'm "diverse" in my interests...some might say scattered but I like the term diverse!

You see I've discovered that I am one of those people .  You know the ones I'm talking about; the ones who go to craft shows, art fairs, browse Etsy, Pinterest, etc. and see something I love and say "I could make that" and "I can do it cheaper!"  Ya...that's me! I love the challenge of trying to replicate something with what I have on hand (which I'm not ashamed to admit is A LOT of "stuff") and making it work for me. 

I am also one of those people who actually enjoy writing.  So I've decided that I will continue to use my blog to document all of my creative endeavors but I will also partake in some rambling writings (see above). If you've stumbled upon this blog by accident and have made it this far, either you're really bored or crazy! Just kidding!  I realized I have a lot of projects to upload! Yikes! 

You've been warned...."I'm back!"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Digital Photo Frame Re-do

While shopping at Goodwill this past winter I came across this digital photo frame still in the box. Enclosed was a 'thank you' note that indicated it was a promotional giveaway. The price on the box...$2.00!!!! I quickly snatched it up! Knowing I would find a use for it! It was stashed away until I began working on the picture boards for our sons graduation party. I quickly realized that I had way too many photo's I wanted to share. That's when I remembered this gem!
A few pieces of red grosgrain ribbon, some glue and the camera card (full of an additional 150 pictures) and voila!