Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pinterest and Craigslist TV Project

I found the perfect size TV cabinet unit on Craigslist for $50.  The seller said it had previously been a light pine color and she stained it dark walnut.  I was so happy that it was no longer light pine AND that it would fit in the recessed area of the wall that I quickly snagged it up! Hubby and sons help to load it up and haul it home.  It came with some glass doors, but I eliminated those right away...they had a tint to them that I didn't care for.

After living with it for a while I knew I had to do something to brighten it up.  The natural light in the room is fairly non existent and this massive dark piece of furniture needed something...

That was when I recalled a pin I had seen on Pinterest.  The pin involved using fabric to cover foam board, then placing the foam board in the back of the shelves of a bookcase. So I rooted around in my studio and came up with several leftover (from who knows what) pieces of foam board and a large quantity of burlap.  I had to piece some of the sections of foam board together as they were remnants and most were not large enough for the shelves.  I just used masking tape to hold them together.  I then hot glued the burlap to the foam board and since I cut the pieces pretty darn close to size I just forced wedged placed the covered foam boards in the backs and they hold themselves in place.  Not too many people notice the fabric as it surprisingly matches my wall paint color, but I know it's there AND I notice the difference.  I call this a Pinterest success!

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