Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where has the time gone (again)?


A good friend came over to visit this week and reminded me about my blog.  Another good friend called me and asked me to help with their families' website, which all got me to thinking about my own blog.  I TRULY had not realized that it had been OVER an entire year since I had posted any new entries! Shame! I also did not realize that I had not visited my own blog at least since November! How do I know it's been that long? Well, I purchased this computer in November 2012 and I did not even have the link in my history! Shame! 

This got me to thinking about blogging....why did I begin my blog in the first place back in June of 2009???? Hmmm.....why.....oh yah! I know why!!! FOR ME! That's right, I started a blog for myself! (gasp!) I love to craft/be creative and wanted a place to catalog/log/track/boast/document the things I had created!  I've never been concerned with having a following, after all this is for my posterity! I wanted a virtual place to showcase what exactly it is I am doing when I hole up in the mysterious Studio!

What do I do when I am in the Studio? HIDE! LOL! Not exactly...well, maybe a little bit! ;) Sometimes I do come out here (yep, I'm in the Studio now) for a quiet place to do paperwork for work, sometimes it's to clean up what appears to have been an explosion (after the creative process has taken place), but most of the time it's to create something.  

I'm not a purist.  There is not just one craft/hobby/diversion that I partake in exclusively. I love a challenge and I love to mix things up.  I've scrapbooked, beaded, sewed, embroidered, Mod Podged, metalsmithed, gardened, etc..... You name it I probably have given it a whirl.  I like to think I'm "diverse" in my interests...some might say scattered but I like the term diverse!

You see I've discovered that I am one of those people .  You know the ones I'm talking about; the ones who go to craft shows, art fairs, browse Etsy, Pinterest, etc. and see something I love and say "I could make that" and "I can do it cheaper!"  Ya...that's me! I love the challenge of trying to replicate something with what I have on hand (which I'm not ashamed to admit is A LOT of "stuff") and making it work for me. 

I am also one of those people who actually enjoy writing.  So I've decided that I will continue to use my blog to document all of my creative endeavors but I will also partake in some rambling writings (see above). If you've stumbled upon this blog by accident and have made it this far, either you're really bored or crazy! Just kidding!  I realized I have a lot of projects to upload! Yikes! 

You've been warned...."I'm back!"

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  1. YEAH!!! You always have such cute projects!!!! Can't wait to see what my partner in crime is up to!!!!