Friday, July 26, 2013

Congratulations Mr & Mrs!

Ok, so if you're still with me, you know that I have ignored/neglected this blog for over 365 days.  You also know that I am creating this blog as a documentary of my life...NOT! But I am hoping to document most of the projects I have made along the way...unfortunately I didn't always remember to take pics before giving things away. But I am going to be more mindful in the future...I am going to be more mindful .... I am going to be mindful.  Whew! Trying to come up with a motivating mantra for myself and I realized just how damn wordy I can be!

Anyhow, one of my oldest (not eldest) friends chose 12-12-12 (how freaking cool is that!) to be her wedding day, and I wanted to personalize something for the two of them....ya know, something that would make them think fondly of me as they crawled in to bed at night....NOT!   LOL!

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