Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loving the embroidery machine!

This embroidery machine has been soooo much fun! I've got all kinds of future projects dancing in my head! These are not the best pics cuz I had to quick snap them before heading off to the baby shower! But I'm proud of myself because I've been trying to take more pictures of my projects.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Toy!

I have been wanting to purchase an embroidery machine FOREVER!!!
I finally found a fantastic pre-owned machine on Craigslist. The lady I purchased the machine from is super talented and an awesome person!! She spent HOURS showing me how to run the machine and giving me tips for future projects. She included tons of extra stuff with the machine including bunches and bunches of beautiful embroidery threads...many brand new-I haven't counted the spools but I'd guess there are over a 100.
I haven't had nearly as much time to play with the machine as I'd busy with family, work and classes. But I was able to do some practice projects, which lead to me creating these super fun appliqued burp cloths. My niece's babyshower is this weekend and I can't wait to create a few more to give her along with her gift!!