Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ruffle T-shirts

I've fallen in love with the ruffle t-shirts showcased all over blogland! So of course I had to recreate the idea. The general idea is to purchase two t-shirts of the same color and make the ruffles from one shirt to sew onto the other. But I was looking for a little more "POP" than the tone-on-tone. So I used patterned t-shirts to make my ruffles.
I made three shirts total. Two were for gifts and one for myself. On my shirt I made the ruffle longer-because it was a fave T of mine that had a small hole in dire need of being hidden! I hand sewed the decorations on the gift t's and used the sewing machine on my own. The difference? Well, it was actually faster to hand sew but neater to machine sew. Therefore, I would definitely machine sew in the future for gift giving!
What great way to recycle old T-shirts!!

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