Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Front Deck Up-Do!

My front deck has become so blah....so this will be part of a "series" of little spruce up projects, additions, re-do's, etc. to help make it a little more interesting. We spend a lot of time on the decks (we have 3) and they have all have become neglected over the years.
We used to have a chiminea on the deck for years, we used it for quick marshmallow roasting and heat. After several years the clay cracked and we had to get rid of it. We have a traditional fire pit in the back yard, but sometimes you just want to make a quick s'more! :) Hubby and I found this at a garage sale and decided it would be the perfect addition! We've already enjoyed using it! We're planning on giving it a new coat of paint, but will probably wait till after Fall-when we're not using it!


  1. That is really cool.

    Are you now off for the summer?

  2. Thanks Mel! Yes I'm off until August!!!