Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where has time gone?!

Wow! I can not believe that November is almost over! Where has the time gone?! My class is done (until the new one starts in January), Thanksgiving is over, and our year long remodel is coming to an end (thank goodness)! I FINALLY had a couple of hours to do some crafty stuff (pics coming soon)!!!! Now that the remodel is wrapping up I can finally spend some time decorating the house...only in time to realize it's time to decorate for Christmas! :) I'm anxious to get pics back on the walls, knickknacks on the shelves, curtains hung and throw rugs back on the floor!!

Now the biggest decision of all....are we going to list the house for sale or stay put? We have such conflicting feelings. We've found the house we'd love to buy...but with the housing market in the dumps we've been faced with the reality that buying a home is great right now, but not so much for selling. Which is kinda obvious, but disappointing when faced with the reality of what we can put on ours as an asking price. Decisions, decisions!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tina.

    Yes, I know the time has passed too quickly.

    I am anxious to see your renos. At least now you have a bit of time before school starts again. Wow, I want your job :)

    We are fortunate here in that our housing market has not slumped. Fingers crossed for you!