Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bin re-do

Ok, let's face it...this may be a digital world but we all have "stuff" especially lots of paper in homes that we keep for various reasons. You know the stuff I'm talking about...greeting cards, envelopes, kids school papers, tax receipts, etc. Well, years ago I discovered I'm more of a piler than a filer. To help me contain myself, and have some room on the kitchen counter I decided to purchase these handy little plastic bins.

I've had them for years in my office/mudroom/laundry room all neatly contained on shelves with paper labels announcing their contents. They worked wonderfully for me. But this summer as we embarked upon a fairly major home renovation, I decided that the purple (walls) and lime green color combo was just a little too much for me. Especially, if we are going to place the house up for sale (still not 100% sure). So it was time to begin the neutralizing of the room. I have selected a soft pale green for the walls and wanted the bins to blend and I also wanted to get rid of the plastic look. Instead of replacing the bins (which fit perfectly on the shelves), I decided to spray paint them with this:

A word of caution about this paint! I've used other colors of this paint with no problems, but this particular color (Rosemary) was awful! Let me clarify...the color itself was GREAT but for some reason the trigger was horrifically hard to squeeze! I used 3 cans of the paint in total, and all were equally difficult until they were about 2/3 empty-then no problem. I can't explain! Anyhow, the result is this:

I LOVE the way they turned out!! I have larger bins on the top shelf that still need paint, but I really think I'll go back to my Krylon spray paint for those and do something a little different.

Stay tuned for the new tags!

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