Friday, April 23, 2010

Toddler Embroidered Clothes

Although I have not posted in quite sometime I have been trying to make projects whenever I have time.
For my nephews birthday I decided to take the plunge and try two new "techniques".
Digitizing a design with my embroidery software and embroidering on clothing. Both of which were a learning curve! :)
I made a total of three outfits, but for whatever reason, one of them did not photograph well.
My first attempt at digitizing using the Autopunch software from Singer was on the gray shorts. I first scanned the pre-printed T-shirt into my software and then proceeded to clean up the design, finally adding Curtis Racing with HyperFont software.
The next outfit utilized a free embroidery file of a sock monkey found on the internet (sorry I didn't save the site) and HyperFont text used for the shorts. The colors look much more similar in real life!

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